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Yogurt - the anti aging factor

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Yogurt - the anti aging factor

Yogurt is one such snack that is gaining tremendous popularity among the present fitness conscious generation. That you can use the natural creamy yogurt for blooming and radiant skin is also a known to many.

The whole milk yogurt contains nutrients which has magical properties for an ever younger looking skin. Yogurt is rich in zinc, lactic acid, calcium and B Vitamins, all of which work together to prevent skin from ageing. Lactic acid prevents wrinkles from appearing on your skin and reduces the appearance of already existing wrinkles. Calcium in organic yogurt facilitates skin renewal. The rich properties of B Vitamins in plain yogurt hydrates the skin, imparting glow and radiance to the skin surface. Yogurt is also critical for regeneration and growth of skin cells. In order to make use of the age-defying properties of yogurt,  it is advisable to ingest Sassy Lassi yogurt with no preservative as well as apply the same externally in the form of home made packs.