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Yogurt - an after workout meal supplement

Yogurt is a boon to people who follow diet and work hard to stay fit. If you are health conscious, then yogurt should definitely be your first dietary choice. You can have yogurt on the go as it makes an ideal snack at any time of the day.

An intense workout causes stress and damage to the muscle. It also uses up a lot of carbohydrates for energy. Hence, a snack after workout must be rich in carbohydrates for refueling the body, and protein for repairing the muscles. Sassy Lassi low fat yogurt can do just that for your body. Whether you prefer your yogurt plain or flavored, it will help you to quickly replenish energy after a heavy workout. Couple your yogurt with some frozen fruits for a powerful after workout meal. Low fat yogurt topped with fruits will supplement four vital nutrients in your body; protein, carbohydrates, calcium and vitamin C.

Opt for yogurt as an after workout snack for a fit body and radiant skin.