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The skin-smoothening effect of yogurt

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The skin-smoothening effect of yogurt

That yogurt is rich in protein and vitamins and is one of the best snacks to have on the go is known to all, but what you must also know about yogurt is that this protein and vitamin packed dairy product nourishes the skin when applied externally too.

In India, people have been using yogurt to smoothen their skin and give themselves a youthful glow. The zinc in plain yogurt abates swelling in acne and also helps in the growth and tightening of skin tissues. Here are more reasons why yogurt can make your skin smoother;

a.    The lactic acid and calcium in natural yogurt prevents skin from drying and has anti-aging properties.

b.    Vitamin B component in Sassy Lassi plain yogurt is responsible for glowing and hydrated skin.

c.    Vitamin B in yogurt also protects the skin cells from damage by free radicals.