Is yogurt the key to happiness?

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Is yogurt the key to happiness?

Our bodies are quite curious - we become unnaturally hungry when sad, or ecstatic when satiated. Scientists, for the longest time, have believed in the connection between the brain and the gut, which is shown by the gastrointestinal indications sent by the brain to the gut.

As surprising as it may sound, in 2013 a research proved that the signal not only travels from the brain to the gut, but the other way as well. In the study, in a group of women who consumed yogurt every day, it was found that their bodies had a higher count of probiotics.

The consumption of yogurt may reduce the activity of insula which is the emotional center of the brain, and helps reduce anxiety and stress. Since the brain also picks up on the sense, and particularly smell, it has been found that plain yogurt can elicit emotional responses such as comfort or happiness.