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How yogurt keeps your bones healthy

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How yogurt keeps your bones healthy

Packed with vitamins and calcium, yogurt should take the first place in your diet chart! You can have yogurt at any time of the day - for breakfast, as a companion for lunch, and even at bedtime. Frozen yogurt is fun to eat, easy to digest and a wholesome supplier of nutrients for the body.

Eating yogurt for healthy bones is a better idea than drinking milk. Here’s why! Depending on milk for calcium supplement is simply archaic. In reality, milk leaches out calcium from the bones to neutralize the acidic rise of the body’s PH level which is caused while drinking milk. But yogurt is acidic neutral, so it helps in retaining calcium in the bones. Yogurt is also rich in lactoferrin, an iron-binding protein that plays a key role in the building of strong bones. Lactoferrin found in all flavors of Sassy Lassi yogurt boosts the growth of cells that build bones (osteoblasts).

Flavored and low sugar Sassy Lassi yogurt not only makes a healthy sustenance but is also a favorite among kids and adults alike for its yummy servings and a huge variety to choose from.