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3 salads that are made healthier with yogurt

     Cucumber ribbon salad with yogurt dressing- A delicious and light salad, this healthy yogurt salad with cucumbers should be in every health enthusiast’s eating list.

     Fruit salad with honey yogurt dressing- Give the regular fruit salad a twist this summer. While most of us like to indulge in a creamy fruit salad, yogurt can be a great substitute for cream. Prepare a healthy sauce with a mix of yogurt and honey, add the sauce to a bowlful of your favourite fruits (strawberry, kiwi, bananas, and green apple) and relish this healthy preparation!

     No-mayo Coleslaw- We all love the classic coleslaw, don’t we? However, this simple salad can be made healthier and lighter with the use of plain yogurt. The use of yogurt acts as a great substitute for mayonnaise, and a healthy salad is ready in no time.