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Why Yogurt Is Good For Your Hair?

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Why Yogurt Is Good For Your Hair?

Any product with a high concentration of lactic acid and multi-vitamins, such as yogurt, is known for treating dull and damaged hair and replenishing it. The expensive hair products in the market might give you initial results of satisfaction but the high quantity of chemicals will eventually worsen the state of your hair.

Home remedies such as using yogurt to treat your hair have a more lasting impact. Yogurt also has anti-fungal properties that act as an anti-dandruff cleanser, and also moisturizes your scalp. Since it nourishes the hair follicles, it might be able to reduce hair fall caused by dryness and damage of hair fall. Additionally, yogurt being a cooling and soothing agent, it also helps reduce frizz from the hair.

To use:

1.     Pour out about 6oz of Plain yogurt in a cup.

2.     Using your fingers gently part hair and smooth the yogurt onto dry, clean hair.

3.     Let soak for approx. half an hour.

4.     Gently wash off with a mild shampoo to retain the moisturizing effect of the yogurt in your hair – and watch your hair rejuvenate and shine!