Why Is Yogurt Good For A Rumbling Tummy?

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Why Is Yogurt Good For A Rumbling Tummy?

Yogurt is known for having a soothing effect on the skin and on your tummy as it has a cooling effect.

In order to reduce consumption of fiber and carbohydrate, it often advised to have yogurt when you have a rumbling tummy or a stomach problem. Low-fat yogurt might be a good choice when you have an upset tummy. It is the good bacteria in the yogurt that helps calm the stomach and reduce rumbling.

Yogurt made of soy milk or almond milk without the additive sweeteners are known for being excellent digestive aids and are often recommended to people. Yogurt that is labelled ‘with Live and Active cultures’ is the best option for such a situation, as it will help increase the good bacteria in your stomach and aid digestion. Organic plain yogurt is the best cure for a rumbling stomach.