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The art of fermentation

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The art of fermentation

The process of fermentation can be defined as “the chemical breakdown of a substance by bacteria, yeasts, or other microorganisms, typically involving effervescence and the giving off of heat”. It is a process that converts sugar to acid, gases or alcohol. Some popular fermented foods include yogurt, wine, cheese, vinegar etc.

While fermentation is a chemical process which may sound and appear to be very complicated, it is practiced as part of our daily lives. The most popular example of fermentation is that of dairy products, and this is the process we use for Sassy Lassi organic yogurt.

Fermentation aims at growing good bacteria while preventing the formation of mould and bad bacteria. It is therefore necessary to maintain cleanliness while fermenting yogurt. Usually, starter culture, a microbiological culture, is used to aid fermentation. The art of fermentation has been known to humans since 6000 BC and is a popular phenomenon in kitchens around the world.