yogurt origin

The origin of yogurt

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The origin of yogurt

It is generally believed that the first formation of yogurt was not intentional. The actual reason for origins of yogurt is still unknown, but it is said to be discovered in Mesopotamia. It occurred by accident when milk was stored in warm climates, and a tangy, creamy and thick substance was formed. This is popularly known to us as yogurt.

Back in the 6000 B.C, herdsmen started the practice of milking animals and storing them in containers (animal stomachs). The natural enzymes present curdled the milk and transformed it into yogurt, given the suitable circumstances. People back then loved the taste of it and with time, the making of commercial yogurts and yogurt products evolved. Yogurt soared as a popular food in the 50s and 60s, and today, it is a common favourite for kids and adults alike.

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