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Occasions where yogurt is the perfect drink to serve

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Occasions where yogurt is the perfect drink to serve

One does not need any occasion to drink yogurt. This on-the-go versatile drink can instantly freshen you up right from the first sip, anywhere and anytime. However, a list of five occasions when yogurt can be a perfect drink to be served are as follows:

     Give the usual soft drink a break at your kids’ birthday party. Switch to a healthy sweet lassi instead and make all the mothers happy.
     The next time you are inviting friends home, serve a tall glass of lassi as a mocktail drink and win applause from everyone.
     Your kids would love a glass of chilled lassi drink, after school or play.
     A yogurt drink can also serve as a healthy snack, which you can easily swap for your evening tea and choose a healthier life.
     Yogurt also serves as a wonderful workout fuel. A fresh way to start your workout is with a bowlful of yogurt. You can flavour your plain yogurt by mixing your favourite fruit say strawberry or bananas, or choose one of Sassy Lassi flavor yogurts, and voila! A healthy snack that satiates both taste and health is ready in no time.