Is There A Difference Between Yogurt And Curd?

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Is There A Difference Between Yogurt And Curd?

Yes, there is a difference between both the dairy products.

Both being a similar dairy-origin product, they are commonly mistaken to be the same.

Yogurt and curd both are a result of milk fermentation, however, the methods are different.

The preparation of yogurt can be done by fermenting fresh milk through a bacteria or microbe and allowing it to proliferate in that milk. This method consumes the lactose present in the milk and converts into a tasty tangy product called yogurt. Yogurt is extremely beneficial for the bones due to its high calcium content.

Curd or curdling of milk can be done by boiling and cooling milk; with the help of an edible acidic substance such as vinegar or lemon, curd can be obtained. To make it clearer, paneer is the curd that can be derived after the splitting of milk.

Curd is power-packed with vitamins, minerals and a good source of digestible proteins.