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Can You Use Flavored Yogurt as a Meal Supplement?

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Can You Use Flavored Yogurt as a Meal Supplement?

It has become increasingly popular to replace an entire meal with yogurt and fruits. This meal supplement is popular in weight loss activities, and has been said to show very quick results. Since yogurt is a low-fat and pre-portioned meal, it is said to be able to help reduce weight rather quickly as it will enable you to cut calories and fat from your meal.

Generally, breakfast is replaced with yogurt as you can then proceed to eat a light, and balanced dinner to ensure you consume the required calories for the day. A study that was published in 2005 in the “International Journal of Obesity” claimed that substituting yogurt for meals could significantly boost fat loss, making for the ideal meal supplement.

Yogurt is also high on the nutrient chart for protein and calcium. It is often consumed in the form of smoothies in a diet as a meal or post-workout snack.