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5 yogurt flavors you've never heard of

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5 yogurt flavors you've never heard of

       Green tea yogurt smoothie- Get a boost of energy with the power of match a powder and the goodness of low sugar yogurt blended together with just the right amount of sweetness.

       Coffee yogurt- We all love our coffee, don’t we? How about adding a healthy touch to our addiction? A combination of coffee and yogurt is highly refreshing and tasty at the same time.

       Salt and spice- For all those who love spicy food, a spicy yogurt is something we haven’t heard of before. With a liberal seasoning of sea salt and spice and a drizzle of hot sauce, make yourself the ultimate yogurt savory.

       Tan-Armenian Yogurt drink- Creamy and fresh, Tan is a simple combination of cucumber, parsley and water with an addition of sea salt. Tan yogurt is just the right drinkable yogurt smoothie to cool down.

       Cashew yogurt- Incredibly simple to make, cashew yogurt is rich, creamy and super delicious. Apart from being tasty, this yogurt is power packed with the goodness of cashew and natural yogurt.