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4 types of yogurt you need to know about

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4 types of yogurt you need to know about

There 4 basic kinds that cover most varieties that is available today in the market for purchase.

1. The first kind of yogurt is the old-school plain yogurt. This is the mildest and least complex of all yogurts and is therefore considered the best yogurt for kids. Buy Sassy Lassi for the best yogurt from the nearest store.

2. The second type of yogurt is the popular Greek yogurt which is thicker and more filling since most of the liquid has been strained out. With a higher concentration of whey, more protein and fewer carbohydrates, it is often chosen over plain yogurt for fitness purposes.

3. A milder version of Greek yogurt is Labneh which is similar to Greek yogurt. Labneh yogurt is from the Middle East. It is thick and creamy, like sour cream, and has higher protein concentration but is not as rich and filling.

3. The last kind is the drinkable yogurt called Kefir.  It uses grains of yeast to begin fermentation and is rather thin. Given that it has comparatively lower lactose content, a lactose intolerant person might prefer this.