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3 things you can do with yogurt apart from eating it

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3 things you can do with yogurt apart from eating it

     Plain yogurt can be used as an effective face mask. It contains lactic acid which is a component used in many chemical peels. It helps to gently exfoliate the dead layers of the skin, which helps in clearing discoloration and blemishes and also helpful in reducing wrinkles. It also helps to create a natural glow and prevents breakouts.

     Yogurt is also a natural and nourishing hair mask which helps to attain frizz free and shinier hair. Mixing an egg and a tablespoon of honey to a bowl of yogurt is an effective home remedy with enviable results. Apply the mask on hair and leave for twenty minutes. Wash normally with warm water and the result is phenomenal. Say goodbye to frizzy dull hair with this super easy home remedy.

     Yogurt, lemon and coconut oil mixed together, can be used as an ultimate body scrub. With the right mix of these natural simple ingredients, you can get a super moisturized skin naturally.