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How to make Yogurt at home!

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Youngsters are slurping down yogurts faster than factories can fill it into little cups. Our generation is becoming more health conscious than before. Yogurt has become a snack of choice for millions! It is one of the dairy products that is cherished by many people through generations. It is easy to digest than other dairy products as it is fermented with probiotic bacteria and the components are broken down so that it is more easily assimilated by the body.
But now you can make nutrient dense yogurt right in your kitchen and it is EASY!
It is gratifyingly simple if you follow the steps
1.      3 ½ cups of organic raw milk
2.      2 tablespoons room temperature organic plain yogurt or yogurt from previous homemade batch
3.      Selecting your milk: Most milk has got homogenized cosmetic process. The best milk to be used is raw whole milk from organic farm. It is rich in protein, healthy fats and mineral and other co-factors needed for their absorption.
4.      In a saucepan warm the yogurt in 180 degree F which is just before the boiling point
5.      Pour the milk into a large bowl and allow it to cool in room temperature.
6.      Add the starter yogurt or 2 tablespoons from yogurt cultured packet to cooled milk and stir thoroughly.
7.      Pour the mixture in another clean container, cover and place it in warm environment (preferable overnight)

You will notice the yogurt is slightly runnier than the commercials. You can make it thick by straining some of the whey or by adding Milk Cream before the fermentation process. Your homemade fresh Yogurt is ready. You can add some fresh fruits, nuts, cornflakes to make it delicious!